• Provide innovative funding for distressed companies.
  • Help you avoid legal pitfalls when restructuring your business.
  • Protect you, your business and valuable assets from aggressive creditors.
  • Negotiate favourable terms with creditors on your behalf.
  • Use our finely tuned strategies for dealing with aggressive creditors such as HMRC, Banks and Trade Creditors.
Rescue Capital will stand by your side as a friend, even when all seems lost, and help you recover your business when no one else will.

Business Rescue Solutions...

We know just how difficult it can be to run a business. There are many complex issues that need to be dealt with daily. We are specialist at solving problems for businesses facing financial distress.

HMRC Problems

HMRC can often be one of the most aggressive creditors. We have year sof experience of how they work and a multitude of strategies to tackle the issue head on and avoid HMRC closing your business.

Trade Creditor Problems

Keeping your supply chain going is vital for all businesses. If you're not able to pay your suppliers on time that can cause major problems. We are able to work with your suppliers and are also able to offer Creditor guarantees from bank and private equity sources.

Bad Debt Problems

Many businesses suffer when a major client is unable or unwilling to pay. Not only do you lose a customer but your cashflow can be catastrophically effected. We help businesses with these types of difficulties every day and have tried and tested strategies for all situations.


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How to Deal with HMRC Arrears.....

For many businesses, dealing with HMRC taxation issues can be extremely challenging. Regulations dealing with employment taxes and VAT can be complex. Rescue Capital have a team of experts who are able to come up with innovative strategies to maximise cash flow and minimise liabilities in this area.
We also specialise in negotiating with HMRC regarding tax liabilities. This can enable directors and business owners to be shielded from any claims against them personally by HMRC in insolvency situations.
Most businesses find themselves in arrears with HMRC for payroll deductions at some point. They are unlike other suppliers and can’t put you ‘on stop’ if you don’t pay. It can be tempting or necessary to take advantage of that and a struggling business will often withhold payments to HMRC so they can continue to pay wages and operating costs. We completely understand this scenario, but there are much better ways to deal with this problem.
Rescue Capital have a vast wealth of experience in dealing with HMRC and have multiple strategies to cope with their debt collection methodology. We are also able to provide funding for such essential payments.
VAT Arrears
Businesses charge VAT when making supplies to their customers. Normally VAT is paid quarterly in arrears. Most businesses use the VAT collected as part of their working capital until payment is due to HMRC. When a business gets into financial difficulties VAT arrears can build up.
Rescue Capital have developed many specialist legal tactics and strategies to reduce and defer VAT payments to HMRC. We can also negotiate ‘time to pay’ arrangements with HMRC for VAT arrears. In addition to this Rescue Capital are able to provide funding for such payments.
HMRC demanding security?
HMRC are able to demand, security for money that may be due to them. This is a tactic that is used frequently by HMRC. It involves depositing the amount of the guarantee with your bank in a blocked account and then the bank will issue the guarantee to HMRC. For a business experiencing poor cash flow issues this can be an impossible hurdle to overcome.
Rescue Capital are able to resolve such issues and in some cases provide the guarantee requested on your behalf.

Work with us....

  • Friendly, understanding and confidential 
  •  No up-front fees
  •  Decades of experience rescuing businesses like yours
  •  Emergency funding
  • Eliminate business debts




We Solve Business Problems. Avoid Insolvency....

Creditor debt problems - Solved.
A harmonious relationship with suppliers is the lifeblood of any business. Businesses need their stock and supplies delivered on time. Suppliers have their own cash flow pressures and need to be paid on time. When a business gets into trouble often payments to suppliers need to be delayed.
Rescue Capital are able to help with funding, negotiation and guarantees to creditors. Our team has a wide array of experience in dealing with every scenario from large multi-national companies to one man businesses. We can and will find a bespoke tailored solution to rectify your businesses creditor issues.
Rescue Capital can:

  • Help protect you, your business and valuable assets from aggressive creditors
  • Negotiate favourable terms with creditors on your behalf
  • Use our finely tuned strategies in place for dealing with hostile and aggressive creditors such as HMRC, Banks and Trade Creditors
Creditor Guarantees
Sometimes it is necessary to provide guarantees to suppliers to continue important relationships. This can be vital when a supplier uses a credit insurer.
Rescue Capital are able to provide guarantees to creditors which underwrite the payment you owe to them. This can often buy valuable time to complete orders or get over seasonal or unexpected cash flow difficulties.
Do just one thing today…
There are so many options we can work on with you which don’t involve you closing your business down. Before you make any deals with your creditors or even think about contacting an Insolvency Practitioner, speak to us first.
Remember - An Insolvency Practitioner is NOT your friend, will NOT look after your interests, and will only be interested recovering his own fees and protecting the interests of your creditors. As that, and only that, is the role of an Insolvency Practitioner.


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