Is your business spiralling out of control?

•    Being pursued for unpaid taxes and/or VAT by HMRC?
•    Find yourself being chased by aggressive creditors?
•    Business struggling or going under due to adverse cash flow issues?
•    Need help with refinancing your business?
•    Feeling crushed and overwhelmed?


Your creditors may be becoming more aggressive. You might have been threatened with a winding up petition or have CCJs against your company. We can help in most situations. We can provide insolvency strategies and in some cases emergency funding. We can act quickly to resolve urgent problems.

Business Rescue

We are an experienced team of real world business recovery experts operating across the UK. Our sole purpose is to help you take back control and recover your business fast when all seems lost. It’s what we do.
We are pleased to provide capital, management and financial expertise by drawing on a wealth of finely tuned strategies to assist businesses facing a threat to their very survival.

Tax and VAT Debt

For many businesses, dealing with HMRC taxation issues can be extremely challenging. Regulations dealing with employment taxes and VAT can be complex. Rescue Capital have a team of experts who are able to come up with innovative strategies to maximise cash flow and minimise liabilities in this area.
We also specialise in negotiating with HMRC regarding tax liabilities. This can enable directors and business owners to be shielded from any claims against them personally by HMRC in insolvency situations.


Don’t worry if you have already been turned down by your bank or other traditional forms of financing. Administration is certainly not inevitable.
Rescue Capital specialise in this area and has trusted alternative sources of finance that are not as risk adverse as traditional lending sources.
Business restructuring and financing can be complex and fraught with difficulties. Rescue Capital’s goal is to successfully manage the transition from an insolvent, struggling business to a thriving, cash generative one as painlessly as possible.

Top Insolvency Advice in London
We are London's leading firm for Insolvency Advice. Our focus is on protecting directors and solving complex business problems.

We can help you with...

    • Emergency Funding
    • Debt Restructuring
    • Asset Protection
    • Eliminate Tax Debt
    • Creditor Guarantees
    • Close limited Company
    • Personal Guarantees

We are Ready to Help You Solve Complex Problems and Save Your Business ....

Why You Want to Work With Us...

We are London's leading firm for Insolvency Advice. We help you avoid insolvency and protect your business and assets!

We are in prime position to make sure you are nout gouged by greedy Insolvency Practitioners who often think of only how much their fee is going to be!

We are proactive and work with Directors to produce and implement a viable strategy to rescue the business including providing emergency funding!

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